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Employee Benefit Solutions, Inc.

Our Firm

Employee Benefit Solutions, Inc. (EBS) is an independent administration and consulting firm, specializing in the design, implementation and administration of defined contribution plans.

EBS was born from the realization that clients needed someone to do more than just throw checklist and forms at them. They needed someone to hold their hand and guide them through the process of understanding not only the tax benefits of sponsoring a qualified retirement plan but also the process of understanding their duties with regards to sponsoring these plans.

We take the confusion out of plan administration and decision making by providing our clients with the consulting and technical expertise they need to properly maintain a compliant defined contribution plan.

We customize our services to fit our clients’ needs and focus on our relationship with each of our clients and their current and future needs.

Our People

Our talents and skills lie in the design, administration and testing services of IRS qualified defined contribution plans.

We understand the everyday issues facing businesses and are familiar with corporate and personal tax planning concepts. The ability to see the "big picture" enables us to design your retirement plan to ensure that it initially meets the organization and employee needs, and that it also continues to meet these needs in the future.

Being a truly independent "non-producing" (no investment products are sold by EBS) third party administration firm means our recommendations are in the customers’ best interest rather than in ours. We work for you and understand that in order to retain your business we must continually satisfy your retirement plan administrative needs.

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